WordPress versioning

Since Version 2.6 Worpress supports version control of posts. A nice feature that allows you to step back to other revisions and compare them. Addtionally several new features found their way to the 2.6 version. Here you can watch a small video presenting these features.


One month at rubicon

As an old tradition I’m writing a short review of my first month at a new company. At my first company I published it via email, at the second company via an internal developers blog and now its time to tell the whole world how my first month was.

First of all I have to say that product and project development are quite different. Our development is driven by shorter iterations and real requirements from customers. We are doing XP, TDD and Pair programming with code reviews to guaranee a very high level of software.

All this stuff is very interesting and I’m looking forward to the next month and hopefully years.

An era ends.

Hi everybody,

after being part of the Senactive team for about 3 years I decided to move away from the company to join another one. It has been a really great time and a lot of fun, but it was time for me to move on. So finally I have to say thanks to everybody and good luck for the future.

My first blog

Hi everybody,

this is my first blog enty at wordpress and hopefully not my last one. My blog will cover several topics from IT and tech to personal stuff. I hope you enjoy my blog postings and write many comments on them.

Yours Christian.